Intab for Chrome

Quick Look for your browser.

Install Intab

I have removed Intab from the Chrome Store due to browser security changes that block its functionality.

With the Intab extension installed, invoke a Quick View tab by holding down Option + Command (or Windows + Alt for PCs) while clicking a link. Instead of a new browser tab opening, the link will be opened inline.

Once Intab is open, any additional links you click will open directly in Intab. Use the close button or press Escape to hide Intab.

Help! It's not working

Why Intab?

Tabs are great. I mean, remember life before tabs? How did we survive? But tabs have their shortcomings. Browsing to a new tab breaks the flow of reading. Say your reading something that refers to another article. To read that article, you'd typically have to open in a new tab, read it, then close it. Intab allows you to view those two articles side by side, maintaining context.

Intab is a bit buggy and serves mainly as an interaction experiment to see if the concept of tabs can be improved upon. If you like it or would like to see any improvements, please shoot me an email: iansilber @ gmail dot you-know-the-rest.

Release Notes





I've put Intab on Github to open it up to contribution. There's lots to do and I don't have the time nor smarts to get it all done. I'd love your help :)

Kind Words from Kind People

Brilliant: view a link without having to open a new tab or window.

— Justin Jackson (@mijustin) March 19, 2013

Since I am a tab-aholic, this makes things much worse... or better for me: InTab for Chome via @poss

— Francisco Inchauste (@iamFinch) March 19, 2013

You are using a 27" screen with Chrome at full size? Use this plugin to open tabs INTO the current tab.

— Ivo Mynttinen (@ivomynttinen) March 19, 2013

The game of browser extensions has changed. Your life is now &

— Justin Edmund (@jedmund) March 19, 2013

Holy cow: Intab is quicklook for your browser. —…

— Allan Grinshtein (@Allan) March 19, 2013